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FreeGoal is an IPTV application for smartphones that offers connections to different sports TV channels that offer the broadcasting of soccer matches


App to watch soccer online

February 28, 2022
7 / 10

Soccer fans have in FreeGoal the perfect application to follow their favorite teams and competitions. This IPTV app offers TV channels specialized in soccer broadcasts.

Soccer online, free, and at anytime

In this app, we will find a selection of sports channels where we can watch almost any soccer match. It offers content such as the following:

  • The best national championships.
  • Most important international club tournaments.
  • National team championships.

In other words, absolutely all soccer broadcasts. All you have to do is open the application to see the links for each match in progress or scheduled for the day. After accessing its icon, the app will send us to an external link with the live broadcast. We will be able to enjoy every foul, penalty, refereeing mistake, and refereeing decision as if we were watching the game from a traditional TV provider. In addition, it lets users screencast the image directly to the TV at home.

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